Monday, March 30, 2009

First plop in ocean

So I'm here blogging, years after it first became the to-do thing and now when everyone's vlogging. What else is to be expected I've got a procrastinating image to uphold here. So why am I doing this, mainly because I don't like people knowing much about me and my life. I know that makes absolutely no sense at first but it really kinda does. I'm one of those really unfortunate kinds who keeps pretty much everything to herself, I think I mostly think most things that happen to me aren't really big enough to bother people with and for some reason I'm paranoid about being seen as self-absorbed so I pretty much focus on listening to everyone (well, those who want to speak to me) and in the process I get to not let out much. It's worked for me so far so if it or I ain't broke... Anywho, I do have alot of thoughts continually swirling around my brain that frequently needed to be unloaded and unfortunately don't get many chances to get flushed out, I always thought diaries were kinda iffy and even blogging isn't beyond suspicion but something's got to be done to keep me from walking around spouting little bits of brain crazy. This won't be so much a blow by blow account of my life anyway, it'll probably have very little of anything to do with what actually happens to me (too boring) I'll just be unloading all my thoughts about our world, what's happening, what sucks and if I can find any of that stuff what deserves a thumbs up in my book. Not trying to be a pessimistic but the latter seems to be few and far between but I will try to write a whole lot on that whenever I find any.
I love Bollywood.

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