Sunday, July 26, 2009

Words and phrases I absolutely loathe.

There's a few words that are absolute no-nos and there's a whole hullabaloo when someone (or Don Imus) decides to go on and say it on the media and stuff. There's some of that stuff here, but not very much. Most of these are used everyday by people, which makes it a whole lot more annoying because I get to hear them all the time...arrrgggghhhh

Tomboy: Who made up this word and why would anyone still use it in this day and age with all the supposed awareness about the stupidity of gender roles (which btw I think isn't really as much as you'd hope). The word essentially means 'acting like a boy' and it covers a whole myriad of things that are considered 'unladylike' and which is pretty much everything that does not involve wearing make-up and pretty floral dresses. Climb a tree; and you're encroaching on boy territory, wear trousers that don't double as a fourth layer of skin or have some kind of comment about its wearer's guessed it. I might be exaggerating this whole thing but I think it's important that words like this aren't used anymore because they create the whole aura of 'me man=active chest beater; you woman=passive as the proverbial doormat'. If there was a time men did all the stuff that got you out of the house,other than the latest fashionable coming out ball or some well-mannered frolicking amongst the daisies especially geared to attract eligible bachelor over yonder in case he happens to walk by(better take my handkerchief in case it needs to be dropped at some point), I am pretty sure it was more because it had been dictated that things should be that way and when faced with doing what you really want to do or having society/family approve of you, most of us unfortunately choose the latter. So, no we are not copying you great big men when we decide that perhaps we can now open doors on our own(it turns out those handles just had to be twisted anti-clockwise, who knew?). Maybe we are just realising(because it generally takes a bit of time to figure out these things and get the clitoris(yeah, I don't like the phrase 'get some balls' either) to fight the power) that we can do whatever we'd like whether it be firefighting or fine embroidery and we've always had it in us to go either way if we so please. Besides you did not invent the art of climbing a tree, it's probably been done since the first monkey got a bite of that yellow gooey fruit lying beneath a tree, looked up and saw she'd hit the motherload of banana goodness if she could just find a way to get up there. Hope you tommonkeys got that.....I think I get carried away sometimes with my words, you'd think I talk too much or something but I really don't, I swear!

'That's so gay': Alright, so I think more people agree that this shouldn't be said at all but at the same time I hear people say it quite a bit, even people I really don't expect it from at some one who's actually gay but I guess it's like some black people saying the n word like it's the coolest word ever even though no one else can(or there'll be a month long discussion on the horridness of it on CNN and there'll be special guest appearances by the Reverends 'Sharp'and 'Jack')and they're fully aware of the horrible history of the word, but that's another subject so I'll stop and stay on topic before I get carried away. Anywho, so even when that's so gay is used in relation to acting 'feminine' or anything 'girly' or emotions in general, it definitely gets on my nerves because I strongly believe that the state of being gay is simply defined by being attracted to members of the same sex. While I do tend to go on about women being suppressed more and that is generally more of an issue for me simply because it's been men superior and women inferior for so long and not the other way round, I do think that men are often incredibly suppressed and there is absolutely unfair to keep men from doing what they want whether it be professional ballet or wearing pink shirts by threatening them with the label of being 'so gay' when they really aren't, as far as I'm concerned that's (Weirdly enough, the comedian Steve Byrne just came on and he's talking about how being a magician or a male cheerleader is so gay, see what I mean!) crap and that's all I'm going to say about that. The other even more annoying use of the word I'm beginning to hear more and more of is when the phrase is used in reference to something absolutely disgusting or even downright evil sometimes. What in Pete's name am I supposed to make of someone saying in response to a description of a serial killer butchering a 12 year old; 'That's so gay'. Just think about the connotations that single sentence used in that context carries with it and please, please, please be as mad as I was and am!

Alright, my hands need a holiday from typing endlessly but this is by no means over, I get pissed off alot and the list goes on forever so I intend to continue but with my blogging track record it probably won't be for another 6 months...Oh well...

I love chocolate...dark chocolate

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