Sunday, September 20, 2009


All this sad talk so far, geeeeeez, (later note; older sad sad blog no longer visible due to potentially embarassing content) so I got something that makes me happy and I've been thinking of for a while and thought maybe I should write about it. In a way it's kind of sad because I won't really be able to do it for a while maybe even never, though I try to not think that way. So, it hasn't come up yet in my after blog loves list yet (you know, those little statements at the end of my blogs about stuff I love, to be fair I've had only three so alot hasn't come up yet) but I looooove to travel (I even love packing and super packed flights with wailing babies because it often means it'll be followed by going to a new place) and I just thought up my number 1 trip route that includes all the places I want to go to most. History's great, the more ancient the better and it makes sense that the countries I most interested in visiting were the seats of the most ancient civilizations that we currently know of ; The Egyptian empire, the Persian empire, the mighty Greeks, the Turkish empire... But I don't want to rattle on and on about why I think they were awesome, this was supposed to be a short post and I intend to keep it that way.
The travel route - Begins in Greece (I am obssessed with Greece, so this makes sense), I'd need to be there for at least 2 weeks, I know even a year won't be nearly enough to drink in all of the history that foundation of all things modern has to offer my eager to be filled mind but we've got to take what we can get while it's offered, right? I won't go into all I want to do, that'll need a book. Turkey will be the next port of call as it has a great deal of Greek history attached to it as parts of the country were regarded as Greek in the past. In its own right Turkey also has a rich history as the seat of power of the Ottoman empire and I especially want to see Justinian's Hagia Sofia which was built in old Constantinople as an Eastern Orthodox church and has a rather interesting story attached to it. From Turkey I intend to take the road built by King Darius of Persia over 2500 years ago which led from North Africa to India. Of course, this may be impossible since though I know the road still exists, it was built with horses in mind as the main form of transport and may never have been modified and though I'd love to learn to ride horses I don't know how successful I'll be at that or if I'd be willing to ride one for over a week. But this is a dream and should not be bothered by the little, irksome pest that is reality. One more thing about the road, though it may seem to have made more sense to travel from North Africa since the road starts there and I definitely want to see Egypt and Ethiopia during this trip, India is the second most important place for me to get to see and I don't want to make it the last place I get to in case I start running out of time towards the end. So I continue, there will be stops on the way from Turkey to Iran because there will be cities in between and though I do not dream of seeing them, I have never been one to turn down the opportunity of visiting a new place. Then I will get to Iran, the country that was once the capital of the Persian empire which many believe to be the largest and grandest of all the empires our world has seen to date. Going back to the whole paying no regard to reality, I will pretend that Iran is not currently one of the most dangerous places to be in right now. I keep thinking maybe when it's all over, if it will ever be, but just looking at all the wonders that were formerly located in Iran and have now been reduced to dust due to war and ignorance makes me wonder if there will be anything of the past left at all in a few years. It's making me a bit teary but I was crying earlier so maybe that's why. I think my period's coming soon or something, I really never cry mainly 'cause I have issues with showing emotion, we may talk about that later. Although, the trials the everyday citizens of Iran, Iraq and other troubled countries in the middle east go through everyday so much so that it has become normal is enough reason for anyone to cry, we should all be crying and also maybe feel a bit ashamed for not caring more...
Okay, so we were in Iran, I'll visit some more between while journeying to India and then finally I will get to the end of the road in India were I fully intend to stray away from the luxuries of Mumbai/Bombay and New Delhi, the universally known Ganges river and the magnificent Taj Mahal (though I most definitely want to see all these) and visit the south of India, it's many temples and just experience as much of I can of it spritually rich history. Again I won't go into detail, this is already much more than I intended to type and I have homework and the LSATs to study for dammit! Again I must be in India for at least 2 weeks, actually it should have much more than Greece since it is so much bigger (keep in mind for revision).
So the road set forth by the King of old is now at an end and I must now retrace my steps (well not really, I'd be flying woohoo!) back to Egypt, that land of the Nile and the Pyramids of Giza and where many stories that I grew up with such as the captivity of the Jews and Joseph and Mary's flight to this land following the threat from Herod after the birth of their son supposedly take place. Maybe I will be able to see some proof of this, maybe not, I think I'd really just be happy to be there. And then at the end of the road will be Ethiopia, where some of the oldest churches in the world can be found and where rumour has it the ark of the covenant is said to be kept safe by a priest sworn to secrecy and also it is said that Mary stopped at for a while with her little baby before returning to Israel when the coast was clear. Like I said it may or may not true and I probably won't be finding out anything, lots of real historians haven't how on earth can I but I most certainly will be fulfilling a dream and that's most definitely the best, right? Plus on these travel I'll get to experience the modern as well as the old and see how they blend, people; friendly or otherwise and of course food, food's always nice. A bit of authentic Ethiopian coffee and Indian curry won't hurt at all :)
P.S. These are not all the places I want to see, not by a long stretch, there'll be the Africa trip and the Western Europe trip and the Eastern European trip and the East Asian trip and the Incan trip. This is just numero uno.
So much for keeping this short haha.

I love sniffing as I walk down an aisle full of full-bodied, rich coffee.

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