Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This will be very pointless, probably a bit shallow; I'm uninspired and tired. But that's alright, tallies with the blog name that I should have summa that. Following the general idea of the last post, I feel like writing but not on any particularly deep topics so I'm just typing as it comes up. Also, updates on what's changed since I last rambled on (this reminds of a question; Why is it so hard sometimes to keep the preposition from the end of the sentence).

Update 1: So the jewelery ad is down, RESULT! Apparently the evil eye works, I like to think the signboard started melting and they had to put up a new one. Or maybe the power of my evil eye and negative thoughts is even more effective and j.b. hudson (I think it was) went bankrupt. I should go check that out. Or even better than all the above, women are brilliantly clever like I always suspected and could see through the shitty bullcrap and the insult that that ad campaign was and decided no more jewelery, or at least switched to Jared or something. Of course, the new board has something about pop culture and gossip and what not so not exactly a large step for mankind.

Update 2: I still haven't gone skydiving.

Update 3: I still don't have a bike, but Minneapolis has nice bike now, nice!!! Now for that other thing.

Update 4: Drum class this Saturday, boo frigging yah!!! I may not have to walk around with bottles molesting my thighs anymore or chip away at tables trying to keep a beat. Or maybe I'll do that even more... Anywho, so I found a beautiful, beautiful thing and it's called the Women's Drum Centre (thank you so much Cynthia!), when I decided to join as many orgs with strong women in the lead as I could I had no idea it would be so easy, Women Venture, Chrysalis, now strong women AND drumming, so excited. So my life long dream (or half-life long dream) has been to learn bass drums and they sadly don't have classes until July but I'm so excited to get involved that I've decided to go for a traditional drumming class this Saturday, afro-latin and the like. And not to be immodest or anything but I've always been able to keep a beat on a table, not the same thing but let's just say I do not expect to be lagging behind. Fingers crossed.

I think that's it for updates, I think update 1 was way longer than it needed to be.

I just saw the Rosie the Riveter 'We can do it' poster and it's made me want to talk about how much I don't like that poster. I get it, the first time women really got out into the workplace and all and probably laid the foundation for breaking through the glass ceiling (still a work in progress) was during the war. But to me it was not so much women's decision to go out into the workplace and take over 'male jobs'. The government knew the economy would be screwed with the men gone and no one to work in factories and all and I think the whole campaign was not so much about female empowerment but more of a 'what to do, what to do, we are going to be royally screwed, oh wait maybe those women are better than nothing at all...for a little while at least'. This would be why as soon as the men got back, women were pushed right pack to the kitchen. Of course, the pushing wasn't always successful but still in my mind that icon is more one of exploitation than feminism. Am I totally crazy? This is relevant because I really want a feminist poster that speaks to me that I can get framed and anytime I do a search I come up with Rosie the Riveter. Even if it doesn't have the whole WWII history, I don't even think I'd want it 'cause it's just way too common.

Here's some major superficial talk; God, I love the world cup and I really do like football for the game, the spectacular goals, dribbling and keeping possession of the ball even with multiple players from the opposite team on the offense, headers, re-acquaintance with countries I forgot about over the past four years although the Olympics is probably better at including the really obscure ones since there's no need to qualify.... But I have to say that a major pull lies in the existence of all that gorgeous man-meat because football players are smoking. Oh my effing God, Kaka and actually pretty much the entire Brazilian team, Ashley-Cole, those Greek gods that sadly can't play football even if the alternative includes dragons and dungeons, Ronaldo, despite my Beckham boycott he did look pretty scrumdiddlyumptious in that suit, Gourcuff, Marchisio, Carsillas, definitely not Wayne Rooney. In a nut shell World Cup season is making me very hot, I should stay away from boys haha.

phwoar, yowza, hummuna hummuna. You may talk dirty in French to me anytime, Gourcoff lol.

Moving on, to books. I'm just coming off of a run of reading books that I could hardly put down and looked forward to bus rides 'cause that's the main chance I get to read. However, so far 'Far from the madding crowd' does not fit the bill and I've been feeling kinda lost with no book to look forward to finishing. I've got 'Eragon' but I don't think that'll be much better 'cause everyone says it's pretty bad and I'm just curious about what a 12 year old (or was it 16) could possibly write. 'Flowers in the Attic' will be way too depressing and I don't need that now, I'm already kinda blue. I think I know why. Anywho, I think on Sunday I should spend the day at Barnes and Noble/Borders and read first few chapters until I find one to be passionate about, preferably a series of books. Or maybe it'll be better to go to one of the smaller, independent bookstores, still haven't been to the one at University and 8th. Just don't know if the smaller folks are generally okay with just sitting and reading, they already hardly have any space as it is.

Why are cartoons on at 4.00 a.m., what kids are watching and where are their parents? And I know some cartoons are adult-friendly, preaching to the choir 'cause I've been hoping I could spend a whole lazy day watching Voltron, Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers for a while now, just need to find 'em. But I'm pretty sure no adults are watching Ni Hao Kai Lan so why is it on?

I have no moccasins anymore, I just realised that the other day and it's not funny at all.

I have a feeling I'll be wearing more skirts this summer, maybe even dresses *gasp*. I just noticed in the past couple weeks that when I wore my blue skirt/purple skirt that it felt kinda right which is a deviation from my usual discomfort. Still will always be a jean girl though and shiny will always suck.

Tired of this, may edit later. Though when I say tired I definitely mean for now 'cause I love this whole documenting my random thoughts as they come back and then going back to see what's changed, I'll continue.

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