Friday, October 22, 2010

Short blog, lots in mind but no time so just making a point

The first part of that last blog??? Yes, you are right, that was definitely not me. It was actually all very exciting as my body was temporarily taken over by infatuated 16 year olds from Betelgeusian Zygon. You see, their parents are currently at war with parents from the neighbouring planet, Auroran Vogon and in the process of focusing on war strategy and what not they lost control of their horny youth and that lot found their way to earth. Doesn't take that long really with their super advanced trans-mat system. And that is why you will find that many otherwise level headed earthlings suddenly got a case of the extreme sillies which may have even involved some au de crocodile tears and shaking that is inevitable with two beings inhabiting and fighting for control of a 130 pound body. This becomes even more obvious when you see that the (we'll call them Beezees for short) Beezees look remarkably like a cross between a hippo, a Sontaran and a Borg, nasty looking beasts! They also felt quite proud of their triumph over primitive earthling minds and felt the need to broadcast this case of the sillies through the local means of web communication. Anywho, their parents soon noticed the children had done a runner and realised that those brats were more important than a war with the Auroran Vogons (can't think of cool short form, Awevees?, sounds like R.V.s teehee, which is funny 'cause they do look exactly like winnebagos) for an unlimited supply of Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters and Jynnan Tonnyx (known as booze that will definitely kill you someday around these parts) and called a cease fire to get their kids back in check. Which is definitely wise, think what those kids would get up to with an unlimited supply of booze. I wonder what the Auroran Vogon teens got up to while their parents were away fighting for the most ignoble cause ever? Another story for another day?
So there you go. I would delete all of that but I'm oddly proud of my other worldly experience and deleting defeats the purpose of this whole thing. Even though they weren't technically my thoughts. The other parts were all me though, the teens only ran amuck for about 20 minutes.

When I wrote the title I had really planned to wave away all of that and blame it on lack of sleep, not sure where all of that came from. Maybe a suppressed memory? Hmmmmmmm

It's back! I love ginger, all things ginger. Ginger root, ginger cake, gingerbread, ginger cookies, ginger candies from United Noodles, ginger beer, ginger wine, ginger ice cream from Sebastian Joe's, Ron Weasley, Seth Green, the very very red headed boy that probably had no melanin whatsoever that boarded the 7E yesterday, that one boy in my history class last year, or was it the year before?, Berbers of North Africa, The Scots and Irish. Ginger, ginger, ginger!!!!!

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  1. I see Douglas Adams made quite the earthquake in your highway too :D...